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            Organization Structure of Import&Export Department, LY Steel
            General manager Yan Linwen(+86-738-8666323)
            Deputy general manager Huang Boshan(+86-738-8662426)
            General Manager assistant Yang Bin(+86-738-8662426)
            Manager of comprehensive business department
            Sun Jingqin(+86-738-8663851)

            Manager of ore department Lu Xiliang(+86-738-8660521)
            Manager of equipment department Zeng Weiyan(+86-738-8663849)
            Manager of steel product department Peng Chusheng(+86-738-8662425)
            Manager of international financial department Yao Shiting(+86-738-8661653)
            Fax +86-738-8664718
            Address Louxing, Loudi, Hunan, China

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